For several years I have been playing around and created projects with the Raspberry Pi. I started with the B, B+ to 2B, next 3B and currently 4B. I have also a Zero. As I played, tested and learned I wrote down all bits and bytes found in Internet. I reorganised that information is a more coherent and meaningfull way. Below you find the result of it, so far.
Note: some documents might be outdated as I am busy with other stuff. If you see such a document or incorrectly information to your finds, please let me know

01Gather Information – Hardware2021-03-23
02Gather Information – Software2020-11-30
03Prepare SD card2019-12-08
04Base Configuration2017-09-01
05Extra Configurations2016-04-19
06Activating PiCamera2020-12-11
07Activating WiFi2020-12-10
08Activating I2C2019-12-10
09Activating 1-Wire2020-09-23
10Activating Serial2020-03-02
11Activating SPI2019-12-10
12Activating Bluetooth2019-12-10
13Activating USB2021-01-13
14Web Server2019-11-29
15Background, Boot Time, Timed, Daemons & Services2020-02-20
16Devices, Partitions and Filesystems on Your Pi2017-08-10
17Sharing Files2020-04-28
18Backup & Restore Your Pi2017-08-10
19SNMP Monitoring2020-02-20
20MRTG on your Pi2016-05-13
21RRDtool on your Pi2016-05-13
22Monitor Your Pi with MRTG2016-05-13
23Send Mail2020-02-20
24Mail Server2019-12-10
26Blue Dot2017-02-20
27The Most Useful Pi Commands2017-02-20
28Raspberry Pi as a wireless access point2018-03-18
29From CSV file to Graphs2018-03-18
30Resetting Your Pi2018-03-18
32FTP-SFTP Client en Python2018-03-18
33Recover your Pi2018-03-18
34Running Python Scripts2018-03-18
35Installing ROS2018-03-18
36Setting up a Hardware Real-Time Clock2018-03-18
37Switching to Python 32020-02-20
38Getting The Right Time2019-11-28
39Adding crontab entries2019-12-08
40Ethernet Boot2019-12-08
42 Grafana2020-02-20
45FTP-SFTP server2020-02-20
47Python Notes2020-02-29
48Python Notes For Professionals2020
49Python Algorithms2020
50Bash Command Cheat Sheet2020-02-29
51SUDS Web Services2020-03-02
55Troubleshooting Your Pi2020-03-27
58Writing faster Python Code2020-03-11
59Dive into Booting & Configuration2020-02-23
60Power Off Switch2020-02-23
61LIRC – IR Remote control2020-05-18
70RFID RC5222020-11-28
71Raspberry Pi meets ESP322021-01-14
73Coding Remotely with VSC2021-02-20
74Headless Pi Remote Access2021-02-20
81Multi-Tasking – Intro2021-01-14
82Multi-Tasking – Threads2021-01-14
82Multi-Tasking – Threading2021-01-14
84Multi-Tasking – SubProcesses2021-01-14
85Multi-Tasking – MultiProcessing2021-01-14
99A Very Very Brief Intro to Electronics2020
99Debian-paketten zelf bouwen2017